eye care after cataract surgery melbourne

Eye Care After Cataract Surgery – Guidelines For Your Post-Op Healing

Even the smoothest cataract surgery is not immune to an adverse event popping up during cataract surgery recovery. Adhering to good eye care after cataract surgery is the best way of minimising your risk of complications during the post-operative healing period. Complications and adverse effects can range from sight-threatening, such as a severe eye infection, […]

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Cataract Surgery Procedure – What You Need to Expect on the Treatment?

Tens of thousands of eyes undergo a cataract surgery procedure every day around the globe. However, despite cataracts and cataract surgery operations being so prevalent, many are unsure of what to expect during the procedure, let alone what might be involved in the lead-up to surgery or during the post-op recovery. Here is an idea […]

what to expect after cataract surgery melbourne

What to Expect After Cataract Surgery? Maximising Your Recovery

Although exceedingly common, cataracts are fortunately one of those eye conditions that can be effectively and completely treated. Currently, the only treatment is through cataract surgery, which is a highly effective and safe procedure. Cataract surgery is able to successfully restore any vision loss from a cataract, and may even be able to reduce your […]

what to do after cataract surgery melbourne

What to Do After Cataract Surgery? Follow These General Considerations

Managing and treating cataracts are common aspects of eye care. While cataract surgery can be a daunting prospect, cataract surgery in Australia is considered to be a safe, effective procedure. After having your cataracts removed, your eye specialist will give you guidelines on what to do after cataract surgery in order to minimise your risk […]

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Cataract Signs and Symptoms – What You Should Be Aware Of?

Cataract signs and symptoms are typically very slow to develop. Sometimes this results in people being surprised when they are first told they have a cataract and that cataract surgery is expected in the next several years. Quite often, cataract symptoms may also be blamed on something else, such as poor quality newspaper print making […]