cataract surgery benefits melbourne

Cataract Surgery Benefits vs Risks – Getting Ready For Eye Treatment

If you’ve just been told you have cataracts, you’ll be reassured to know that cataracts are one of those eye conditions that cause vision loss which can be easily reversed through cataract surgery.  But although cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the world, choosing to put your eyes under the […]

recovery after cataract surgery melbourne

Recovery after Cataract Surgery – What’s Normal & What to Look Out For?

It can be a little nerve-wracking to undergo any sort of surgical procedure – for some people, an operation on the eye is even more daunting. Fortunately, cataract surgery is a well-developed procedure with high rates of success in Australia. Although complications are not common, cataract surgery is not immune to postoperative adverse side effects. […]

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Most Common Cataract Causes That You Should Know

A cataract is an opacity or clouding of the eye’s crystalline lens. This lens is located just behind the coloured iris of the eyeball. As this lens clouding gradually progresses, you end up with the characteristic cataract symptoms of foggy vision, glare sensitivity, and reduced contrast vision. For some people, a developing cataract also causes […]

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Eye Cataract Treatment – How Does It Really Work?

Have you just been told you have a cataract in your eye? Cataract treatment is a safe, effective surgical procedure. Because cataracts are typically associated with ageing, in Australia with our ageing population, that makes cataract surgery one of the topmost commonly performed operations in our country.   What is the Best Treatment for a […]

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How Long Does Cataract Surgery Take? What To Expect During Procedure

When it comes to eye care and surgical operations, cataract surgery can be a daunting prospect. While the image of lying on an operating table under glaring bright lights, watching a scalpel coming towards your eye makes the whole procedure sound much worse than it actually is, most people would not want to spend any […]