what is a ptosis melbourne

What is a Ptosis and How This Condition Can Be Treated?

Our eyelids can droop for a number of reasons. In your experience, you’ve most likely experienced this simply when tired or sleepy. However, in other cases, there can be other underlying reasons for what is known in the medical world as an eyelid ptosis. Some of these causes are simply due to age-related changes to […]

what is epiphora melbourne

What is Epiphora? – Everything You Need To Know

We’ve all experienced watery eyes for one reason or another. It might have been triggered by a particularly emotional movie or perhaps something flew into your eye. In many cases, watery eyes are not unusual and can often be due to something easily identifiable, innocent, and fleeting. However, on occasion, you may find your eyes […]

corneal infection melbourne

All About Corneal Infection And What Should You Do About It

A corneal infection is no laughing matter. While some corneal infections cause only a mildly irritated eye, other cases can present as a serious eye health concern with the potential to cause permanent vision loss. A corneal infection may arise due to a number of reasons, including bacterial or viral infections, or even due to […]

lasik for astigmatism melbourne

LASIK for Astigmatism – How Does The Treatment Work?

Many patients believe that they are unable to access laser eye surgery due to their prescriptions involving astigmatism. While this may have been true in the past, with advancements in our ability to make precise calculations during laser eye surgery to accurately correct astigmatism, LASIK for astigmatism is now in fact just one of several […]

is laser eye surgery safe melbourne

Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe? – What You Need To Know

Glasses and contact lenses can be inconvenient – they fog up, fall off, slip down, need cleaning, need constant maintenance – for people highly dependent on optical correction, vision correction with laser eye surgery can be a tempting solution. But any sort of operation to the eye can be a daunting thought and before you […]