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  • About our team of expert ophthalmologists serving Melbourne and surrounds

    Our team at Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic includes Melbourne eye surgeons with combined decades of experience in treating and managing a myriad of vision and eye conditions across multiple subspecialties.


Our team at Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic includes Melbourne eye surgeons with combined decades of experience in treating and managing a myriad of vision and eye conditions across multiple subspecialties.

Why trust us with your vision?

At Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic we are pleased to provide the services of caring and dedicated ophthalmologists to Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Our state-of-the-art eye clinic gives Melbourne patients access to eye specialists with extensive local and international training in their chosen areas of interest and subspecialty.

Understanding that every patient’s eyes and visual demands are unique is integral to providing the highest standard of personalised care, whether your concern is refractive surgery, cataracts, or any other eye disease. We offer Melbourne an ophthalmologist clinic which takes time to understand your priorities and expectations, with a specialist team committed to meeting these with compassion and diligence. Our rooms are equipped with the latest technology and, alongside our associate practice at Eye Laser Specialists and Armadale Eye Clinic, we are proud to be one of the first laser eye clinics in Melbourne to offer the revolutionary SMILE® refractive surgery procedure.

Our ophthalmology clinic is well-prepared to provide treatment and management of multiple eye conditions, including cataract surgery, glaucoma management, retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, and surgical vision correction. We are proud to have established ourselves as a reputable eye specialist in Melbourne metro and rural Victoria.

The team at Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic

As treatment for eye problems can be a source of anxiety for many people, our team works cohesively with a strong focus to ensure you feel comfortable and well-informed throughout your time with us at Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic. All our staff, from the ophthalmologists, orthoptists, to the receptionists, are experienced and highly-trained, dedicated to providing you comprehensive, compassionate care.


Over the years we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a comprehensive ophthalmologist in Melbourne,
providing care and treatment across multiple ophthalmology subspecialties.

Dr Anton van Heerden

Dr Anton van Heerden

Dr van Heerden is a comprehensive general ophthalmologist with additional subspecialty interest and training in cataract and refractive surgeries, and management of medical retinal disease. He currently holds the position of Head of Unit, Surgical Ophthalmology Services at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.

Dr. Edward Roufail

Dr. Edward Roufail

Dr Roufail is an accomplished vitreoretinal surgeon, having served the Mornington Peninsula and Greater Melbourne community for over a decade. He has experience in managing conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal detachments.

Dr Bernardo Soares

Dr Bernardo Soares

Dr Soares specialises in glaucoma management and complex cataract surgery and is passionate about community collaborative care for the benefit of his glaucoma patients. Dr Soares has achieved fellowships from the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in both glaucoma and cataract management.

Frequently Asked Questions

What separates Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic from other practices offering eye laser in Melbourne?

Not all eye clinics will provide the same standard of care or the most modern equipment. Our clinic is committed to providing expert care with the latest technology for optimal safety and surgical precision.

What costs are involved at Mornington Peninsula Eye Clinic?

Costs will vary widely depending on the presenting condition, necessary diagnostic tests, and appropriate treatments. The most accurate quote will be provided at the beginning of your appointment. Our practice can accept cash, credit, and perform on-the-spot private health insurance claims.

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Phone: (03) 9070 3580
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